Olaf Doschke Software Engineering


Software Engineering

Here I offer you the development of custom software designed for your demands and everything about it:

  1. Requirements engineering
  2. Software design
  3. Software construction
  4. Software testing
  5. Software maintenance

You can hire me for single aspects or integrate me into a developer team for a time.

What do you need?

Especially in requirements engineering my goals are not to force something upon you or demonstrate, what I have done so far, but to engage in a discussion with you about your needs, to simplify your work flows and accelerate them. What's true is: You do not have time, you take your time. This phase of the development process paves the way to success of a project, therefore the goal is not to get this done as fast as can be to begin with the software development and construction.

On the other side, it's also true models and diagrams remain abstract and imagination of the end product can differ strongly, if you can't test some concrete prototype. Therefore I am an advocate of an agile concept with early prototypes and iterations, which in the end reveal misunderstandings and lead the way in the right direction.